Pig & Dan – Decade Remixed Part 1

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Pig & Dan – Decade Remixed Part 1

Artist: Pig & Dan
Title: Decade Remixed Part 1
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Label: Soma Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Carlo Lios remix of Pig and Dans Insomnia is a great expression of the style of the Toronto DJ and producer. Key elements of the original are neatly threaded through the track and deepen Lios mesmerising production. Initially the atmospheric elements reinforce the consuming rhythm patterns of the track before the energetic bassline booms into life after the drops. There is that hypnotic, immersive quality to the track synonymous with Lio which sees the crystal clear elements burst through from the wallowing low frequencies to make this a dynamic and engaging remix. POPOF also takes on Insomnia in his own remix of the track which showcases the current direction of the ex -free party master. The track hints towards electro with the bouncing dominant bass careering through the tech house backdrop. The French DJ uses the vocal lines and percussion hits of the original in a subtly different way to that expressed by Carlo Lio with the vocals slightly sped up and traces of distortion giving a different feel to the remix. Hand-picked to create the track by Pig and Dan, POPOF doesn’t fail to disappoint in providing an energetic and intricate reworking. Portugals Steve Parker takes on Lone Ranger and impresses his own brand of tech house on the track. Having forged a notable position in Portugal, the DJ has seen support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink and now Pig and Dan take him to the next level. This track builds and builds with the circling rhythms and emerging bass creating a great balance. Early on in the track the crash symbol presence gives an interesting and forceful new dimension. Towards the end slightly darker, industrial elements filter in and ensure that this remix provides great diversity and strong identity throughout. The final remix comes from stalwart Justin Berkovi who delivers a thoroughly deep techno rework of Keep It Coming. Subtle stabs permeate through the track, resonating every so often with splashes of white noise that wash through the track. Ride & crash cymbals bolster the simple yet effective percussion giving this remix a raw jacking, old school feel.

Pig & Dan – Insomnia (Carlo Lio Remix) 6:46
Pig & Dan – Insomnia (Popof Remix) 7:21
Pig & Dan – Lone Ranger (Steve Parker Remix) 6:18
Pig & Dan – Keep It Coming (Justin Berkovi Remix) 7:39


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